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Brand strategist in Israel

Hi. I’m Naomie, brand strategist + copywriter for playful brands.

Magic Wand

Once upon a business, you needed a fairy brand mother.

A sprinkling of fairy dust (AKA strategic, grabs-you-by-the-eyeballs copy) all over your brand. 

But the perfect fairy brand mother was nowhere, and I mean nowhere to be found.

Until now.

My mission?

✔ Creating brands that get noticed.
✔ Writing words that propel businesses.
✔ Leaving the world a more honest, authentic place.

(And sparking joy along the way.)


Meet Naomie

That's me!

Kind, talented, and (clearly) humble copywriter + brand strategist changing the world.


One brand at a time.

I’m #grateful. Grateful to be here. Grateful you’re reading this. Grateful for coffee. Grateful for Grammarly. Grateful that I get to help businesses grow.

Naomie Rubner Israel Copywriter

I know what you’re thinking.

Every industry is saturated. Every niche is overflowing. Every good domain name is taken.




Cutting through the noise is harder and harder.

You need something to be the Belle of the ball.

Some oomph.

​A je ne sais quoi.

Sparks Joy Copywriter

Something that communicates your vision, your message, your why with bedazzling brilliance and crystal clarity.

What you need is a BRAND.

Not just any brand.

A brand that sets. you. apart.

And creates a tribe of loyal and loving customers along the way.

And that’s kinda my thing.

Star Sparkle

Work with me in 3 magical ways.

Star Sparkle

(Talking mice and ugly stepsisters not included. Sorry.)


Fairy Brand Mother
(AKA consult)

Go from stuck to glass-slipper-clarity. Whether you need a website audit or a branding strategy session, get clear insights and actionable takeaways in a two-hour session. We’ll take a macro and micro look at your business. You’ll leave with strategic insight and targeted recommendations to boost your messaging.


The Cinderella Story
(AKA project work)

Be the Belle at the ball at every brand touchpoint. Web copy, email marketing, brand packaging, business naming, signage — the whole shebang. Get end-to-end collaboration on strategy, copy, research, and design

Projects start at $1000

Turn This Pumpkin Into A Coach
(AKA dedicated VIP day)

Skip the queue and then skip into the sunset with a dedicated VIP day. Your project will be bumped to the top of my roster with 7 hours of undivided attention on your copy. Plus 3 days of follow-up support.


Balloon with Colorful Flags

Naomie, I’m sold. But uh…remind me why I need a brand again?

Your audience forms their first impressions within 7 seconds. 
That means you have just 7 seconds to deliberately and strategically evoke interest in your target audience. By saying the
right things to the right people.

And that’s why your brand must:

✔ Differentiate you from your competition

(by showcasing how you’re unique — in a good way)

✔ Create an emotional appeal for your people

(so that they feel drawn and connected to your brand)

✔ Convert passing acquaintances into brand BFFs

(with messaging that speaks to their very deepest desire) 

You have excellent taste in fairy brand mothers. Just sayin'.

Paper Clip

"Naomie’s branding helped us bring out what we always wanted."

- Dovid Newman,

OK. You write cute and all. But we’re an *adjusts tie* results-driven company.

Show me some results.

Naomie's Icons (2)_edited.png

Drag arrow to be amazed!



We turned a:

sleepy email list

engaged and active list with an avg open rate of 60%

outdated site with clunky UX

sleek, modern site with 2x the orders

Plain Jane delivery box

smile-cracking, brand-reinforcing packaging

Copywriter in Israel
Alarm Clock

Oh wait, what’s that? Uh oh. The clock strikes midnight.

Snag this copywriter before she turns into a pumpkin-spiced latte.

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