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What if you could wave your wand (bippity-boppity-boo) and get exactly what you need, right now?

That would be pretty magical, right?

I’ve set aside 4 days a month exclusively for work-with-me-now projects.

And one of them has your name on it.

You get:

A fast-tracked project
7 laser-focused hours on your brand

Copy in 48 hours
3 days of follow-up email support

Your investment: $2800 USD

Includes kick-off call, strategy + copywriting VIP Day, and up to 3 days of email support

Naomie Rubner Israel Copywriter

Your mom called.

She wants to know if you booked a day rate with that nice copywriter lady yet.

Star Sparkle

Get brandtabulous copy that grows your business.

But wait, good work takes time.

Star Sparkle

And it often looks like this:

You need

like, yesterday.

an email sequence

You have:


✔ Clients to win over
✔ Corporate to impress
✔ And a mama to make proud

Don’t let 'em down.

Brand strategist in Israel

1 booked up copywriter


4-6 week project turnaround


not. soon. enough. (panic)

Naomie, what can we do in a day?

We can knock out a targeted email sequence.

Get set-once-use-forever emails that'll warm up cold leads, turn readers into buyers, and leave you with a delightfully branded sequence.

We can craft a compelling landing page.

Ooze authority, relevance, and clarity with a one-page site that becomes your 24/7 non-sleazy salesman.

We can give you a total LinkedIn makeover. 

We’re talking profile rewrite, targeted recommendations, and as many posts as these fingers (and brain) can clickity-clack in our remaining time.

Or we can create a custom day rate package that’s as unique as your business.

The world is your lobster. (Or something like that.)

Psst. A day rate package is a good fit when no research is required. I’ll be writing based off your existing materials and research.

Here’s how it works:

First we have a 1 hour kick-off call where I learn all your hopes, dreams, and goals.

Paper Clip

"My Linkedin profile is a strategic masterpiece thanks to Naomie"

- Karen Sokolow, Awaken Studio

Sparks Joy Copywriter

Ready to tick [insert-overdue-project-here]

 off your to-do list?

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