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Once upon a time there was a certified control freak, serial procrastinator, driven perfectionist and devoted workaholic.

And she was tired.

So tired.

Tired of pushing and stressing and hustling and worrying and comparing and crunching numbers and fretting and wondering and washing the same dishes over and over because plastic is expensive, know what I’m saying?

She accepted her lot in life and said things like:

‘I’ll never get there.’


‘Some people have it and things just flow for them, but not me.’


‘Of course it works for her, she’s so talented/driven/ambitious/confident’.

And she sat back passively (and often miserably) watching life pass her by.

Until about four years ago…when she discovered the life-changing power of mindset, in-your-bones emunah and heart-centered living.

But this isn’t just my story. It’s the story of thousands of women.

Is this your story too? Stick with me a few more minutes and I'll show you how you can rewrite it.


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