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Once upon a time there was a certified control freak, serial procrastinator, driven perfectionist and devoted workaholic.

And she was tired.

So tired.

Tired of pushing and stressing and hustling and worrying and comparing and crunching numbers and fretting and wondering and washing the same dishes over and over because plastic gets expensive, know what I’m saying?

She accepted her lot in life and said things like:

‘I’ll never get there.’


‘Some people just have it...not me.’


‘Of course she's sucessful, she’s so talented/driven/ambitious/confident’.

And she sat back passively (and often miserably) watching life pass her by.

Until about four years ago…when she discovered the life-changing power of mindset, in-your-bones emunah, and heart-centered living.

But this isn’t just my story. It’s the story of thousands of women.

Is this your story too? Stick with me a few more minutes and I'll show you how you can rewrite it.


Hi! I’m Naomie Rubner 🤗

And welcome to Heart-Centered, the 3-month program for living and leading a heart-centered life.


What’s different when you live a heart-centered life?

You stop thinking about everything you should be doing

You stop making decisions solely with your head

You stop looking over your shoulder wondering why everyone else is succeeding while you’re stuck

You stop getting mired in your thoughts and negative emotions about what should or shouldn’t be

You stop spending hours in your business on busy work

You start to learn the magic (and power) of being

You start tuning into the exquisite intuition of your heart and your gut

You start focusing inwards, believing that you can do this, you are worth it, it is possible

You start experiencing the freedom of self-acceptance, self-love and self-esteem

You start taking inspired and oh-so-impactful action

You begin to learn the tools, mindsets, concepts, and habits that allow you to reach new heights, rediscover the joy of your business, embrace yourself, and experience life at its fullest.

All while feeling the sweetness of Hashem’s unending love for you.


I mean, does that sound delicious or what?

"The shifts were almost instantaneous."

-Chani Kahan

"Beyond expectations. Loved loved loved it."

-Sara Einhorn

"It gave me what I didn’t know I needed."

-Libby Kasten

Hashem has so much in store for you—in your business and your life. You were meant for so much!

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Oh yeah, Naomie?
So where is it? How come I don’t see it? Huh?



Mmm, good question. And one I asked every day. Here’s what I now know: Hashem has so much to give us, but it’s our job to become the vessel to receive it.

If you’re done feeling anxious and stressed, frustrated and hopeless, overwhelmed and unsure. Then this is your program.

If you’re ready to show up in your business with confidence, joy and peace. Then this is your program.

If you’re ready to get really really really practical about emunah and bitachon and connect to the most loving and giving divine source, HASHEM.

Then this is your program.

Welcome to a whole new way of thinking, being and doing. 


"Loved every moment of it. Wish it could have been longer!"

-Chani Kahan

"Met and exceeded my expectations."

-Pearl Zeigelheim

Some things you should know💡

This course will take time and focus.

Big shifts need effort. I’m confident you’ll see incredible results from this program, and this will be compounded by the level of attention you put here. Set aside up to 30  minutes a day aside from the course schedule for specially assigned homework.

If you are ‘too busy’, this course will definitely help you escape the trap, but you’ll need to truly want to leave!

This course is for business and life.

You’ll gain life tools that will dramatically support you in business and you’ll learn business concepts that will support you in life. We don’t focus on marketing, systems building, lead generation or workflows. We do focus on money mindset, client interactions, and growth mindset —and your business will 100% change as a result.

This course is a safe space for deep growth.

My number one priority is creating a safe space for us all to grow, learn and share, because when we’re a cohesive group, the gains for us all are 10X. Every module is interactive and is broken up into theory and practice. The targeted activities help us integrate each concept. That’s why you’ll be asked to have video on (unless of course, it’s not possible). You’ll also be lovingly encouraged to share.

What will we cover?

Throughout the 12 weeks of this program, you'll learn the foundations of living a heart-centered, expansive life and running an inspired, aligned business.

I will introduce you to the fundamentals of mindset, money beliefs, business growth, prayer, emunah and bitachon.

Here’s some of the content we’ll cover

The only reality is the one inside your head


Yuch or yes?

Small tweaks,

cosmic impact

Lean in, and show up

How to love the journey, NOW

Step into CEO energy

Expand and open up to financial abundance?


Self-love and business,

say what?

Attract and keep your ideal clients

Manage your mind, manage your time

Embrace the impostor

Get back in touch with your heart

Change your energy, transform your business


It’s all about the relationship, with G-d and yourself


The power of ratzon in business

Each module is one part theory, one part practical and one part Q&A

Participants share:

I LOVED the assignments and exercises. The real-time ones during calls were fabulous because you have the energy of everyone else around you. 

-Shalva Rosenberg

Every second week we’ll have hot-seat coaching to work through challenges in real time

Participants share:

The classes were each really spot on, but the real-life Q&A and coaching, even in slack, were most practically valuable.

-Libby Kasten

The world told you those who work hardest win. But it’s not true. If you want to create a wealthy business which is fun & easy, this is for you. 

-Eliana Cline

I met my monthly income goals without sacrificing life. Now I firmly believe I can face the ups and downs and maintain it—and with so much confidence.

-Libby Kasten

Naomie's class cemented something I always knew on a subliminal level: You want things in your life to change? Change your heart and mind first. The rest will follow. 

-Bluma Gordon

Hey, is that an elephant in the room? 🐘

Oh no, it’s just the price.

Truth bomb: I spent approx $25K in coaching over the past three years. And I can tell you one thing for certain.

It was worth Every. Single. Penny.

The programs I took and the coaches I worked with helped me EXPAND. So I could receive more. Earn more. Charge more. Feel more. Be more.

But I remember what it was like.

Checking my accounts to confirm, ah yeah, we’re still at zero. With no way of knowing how or when the money would flow in. Should I take the leap or pay the bill?

And that’s why I’m offering payment options as well as partial scholarships. Reach out to for more info.

Sign Up

Basic Track

(Capped at 20 spots)

  • 12 Modules

  • 6 Hot-Seat Coaching Calls

  • Community support via Slack

Your investment

3 payments of $563

Or a one-time payment of $1690

VIP Track

(Exclusive to 5 spots)

  • 12 Modules

  • 6 Hot-Seat Coaching Calls

  • Community support via Slack

  • Five 1:1 sessions with Naomie throughout the course

Your investment

3 payments of $930

Or a one-time payment of $2790

 That’s approx $140 a week for information, tools and support that will help you expand your capacity to receive. Expanding your capacity to feel calm and hope and joy and abundance. 


Course runs from December 10, 2023 through to March 7, 2024

After reading the sales page about the content of the course, I was thinking, will this be glorified bitachon classes? Why can't I learn Shaar HaBitachon on my own?! I couldn't understand why it was so expensive to learn bitachon.

Well, now, after mastering the course I know the answers. These amazing mindsets will bez"H change you, your business, and your everyday life. Enjoy the journey!

Chani Gorelick

I know how life changing this will be and want to make it an easy yes for you


Try it for 30 days. 

Not working for you? Get a full refund. No questions asked.

Registration closes:
Thursday, 7 December, 11:59PM EST

The impact is far reaching and it looks something like this;